Seabrooks talks Albany, Dougherty reclassification hopes

Seabrooks talks Albany, Dougherty reclassification hopes
Albany and Dougherty High Schools have been competing up in classification for the past few years. Because of that, both schools have struggled in several sports.

Now Dougherty County athletic director Johnny Seabrooks wants to get that changed.

Seabrooks spoke to the Exchange Club of Albany Friday afternoon. He talked about a number of topics, including the new field turf at Hugh Mills Stadium.
One topic of interest though was the upcoming GHSA reclassification.
Seabrooks says it's time for the Indians and Trojans to compete with other schools their size and give them an opportunity to win.

Even if they have to split up the four Dougherty County schools, Seabrooks says he's pushing the reclassification committee to put the Indians and Trojans in a better situation.

“Our student-athletes have to have an opportunity to be successful. I think they can be successful against schools with similar numbers,” he says. “I'm not worried about having two schools in one class, and two in the other. It's about helping them be successful, and being able to compete with the numbers.”
Region 1-AAAA became a point of controversy during the last reclassification period when Bainbridge and Thomas County Central were allowed to play in the region, despite being classified for Class AAAAA. The GHSA put the two teams in the region due to a lack of similar-sized schools in the area.
Several schools, including Albany and Dougherty protested the region selections, but to no avail.
Now with reclassification being looked at again, Seabrooks believes it’s time for the Indians and Trojans to move down.
He also feels he’ll have some backup in two other region schools in similar situations.
“Worth County and Cook feel the same way. I think Cook is having to travel now to play football,” Seabrooks says. “If we can get 6-7 schools in the area with similar numbers, it's going to be good for all of us.”
Seabrooks also says he’ll be doing a cost analysis to explore the possibility of middle school baseball in the county. He says he’s heard growing interest from parents about bridging the gap between the end of youth baseball and high school baseball.

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