Prayer will continue at Lake Park council meetings

Prayer will continue at Lake Park council meetings

LAKE PARK, GA (WALB) - The city is trying to ensure that prayer continues before each city council meeting

At Thursday night's meeting, council voted to begin implementing regulations regarding how long the prayer can be and what can and cannot be said.

Mayor Eric Schindler said no one will be allowed to say anything bad about any other religion  and the prayer will be limited to two minutes.

He hopes this will prevent anyone from getting upset about the prayers and therein avoid any controversy about praying before city council meetings.

"Exactly. Just to have some guidelines is always a good thing. It gives people an idea of what's expected of them and I think that by having this ordinance it will benefit the city," said Mayor Schindler.

Anyone interested in giving the prayer at any of the city council meetings can sign up at Lake Park city hall.

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