Colquitt Co. star football player will not be allowed to return to school

Colquitt Co. star football player will not be allowed to return to school

The bond hearing is set for next month for the remaining four Norman Park shooting suspects.
In meantime, Colquitt County school officials say even if bond is granted for former football player Tykerious Jones, he won't be allowed to return to school.

Tykerious Jones appeared in court this week along with two other Norman Park shooting suspects.
The Judge has yet to make a decision on whether any of the three will be granted bond.

While lawyers for Jones, who was suspended from the football team after his arrest, suggested he could stay busy with school and extracurricular activities if granted bond, school officials say he won't be allowed to return for now.

"Well that's their attorney's  thoughts, not our thoughts, obviously the school district will have a lot to say on whether our student would be able to come back to school or not and I just don't see it happening" says Dr. Samuel DePaul, Colquitt County Superintendent.

While they do have an alternative school, Colquitt Superintendent Samuel DePaul says that's more for behavioral issues.

"When you have the word murder tagged to a situation, and I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty, it puts a little spin on it differently. And I just don't see schooling in the near future. Or maybe even far future right now," says Dr. DePaul.

DePaul says it's not a great way to start off the school year but business will go on as usual.

"Thoughts and prayers with all the families concerned, just very unfortunate having to try and manage through that, especially at this time of year, he says.

And they will wait for the legal process to run its course.

"It is a legal matter, and everyone has their due process so I just think we are waiting to see where things end up," says DePaul.

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