CrimeSTOPPERS tips help with stolen purse case

CrimeSTOPPERS tips help with stolen purse case

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police say are getting closer to figuring out who might have stole thousands of dollars worth of purses from Dillard's late last month.

Investigators say they have gotten several tips through CrimeSTOPPERS after releasing photos of the thieves. Media Manager Phyllis Banks says crime stoppers is extremely helpful in cases like this.

"CrimeSTOPPERS is very helpful with cases such as that where we have very limited information, maybe just a photograph or some surveillance video. And once we put it out to the media and we start getting tips in it becomes a very great tool," says Media Manager Phyllis Banks.

Police say the thieves drove off in a white SUV.

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