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Schools can be breeding ground for gang activity

Vincent Scruggs Vincent Scruggs

With school starting Thursday, gang investigators in Valdosta were reminding parents of signs that there children may be getting involved in a gang.

Investigator Vincent Scruggs said among other things parents should look for a sudden drop in grades, a sudden change in behavior, and bringing home or hanging out with kids that the parents  aren't familiar with.

Scruggs said gang activity doesn't necessarily rise once school starts, but it can and that's why it's important for parents to pay attention to their children's activities.

"Parents need to ask questions. 'Who is this child?' 'Who you bringing home with you," said Scruggs, rhetorically, explaining some questions parent's should ask their children regarding any children they bring home or hang out with. "Those are some of the indicators. Also, clothing; when they change the way they dress or ask to wear different types of clothing."

Scruggs encourages parents to contact the police department if they have questions or believe their child may be involved in a gang.

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