Dekalb County report shows 'stunning corruption'

Dekalb County report shows 'stunning corruption'

DECATUR CO., GA (WALB) - If the basic points of an internal investigation of Dekalb County government are on point, then there's something very rotten in the way the county is, and was, run.

Former Georgia Attorney General Mike Bowers and Richard Hyde and probed the machinery of the county, and say the findings they are presenting to Interim Dekalb CEO Lee May, who hired them show rampant corruption.

A pattern of wrong doing is well-know in the county where the city of Decatur is located. Former Dekalb CEO Burrell Ellis has already been convicted of attempted extortion and perjury. Former Commissioner Elaine Boyer plead guilty to fraudulently taking $93,000 of county money.

Former Dekalb construction chief Pat Reid and her husband Tony Pope have been convicted of racketeering for manipulating school construction contracts.

In a letter to the county administrator, the investigators wrote: The misconduct starts at the top and has infected nearly every department we have looked at. Expenses range from the petty to the absurd.

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