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Lee County pre-k classrooms get Smart Tables

Superintendent Dr. Jason Miller Superintendent Dr. Jason Miller
Pre-K Director Jan Dukes Pre-K Director Jan Dukes

Lee County Schools have updated technology in every school this year. 

Each school in the district now has new computer labs and new portable computer labs. The school system also updated nearly 1,200 old computers. 

The technology upgrades didn't stop there, even the pre-school received a "digital update."

The pre-schools received four new smart tables this year. 

Smart tables are an interactive way to engage students through educational games.  

"Our boys and girls are going to use it to help them learn math, reading, number and letter recognition, and colors," explains Superintendent Dr. Jason Miller. 

Dr. Miller says it's one way to keep the young students interested, especially since many of them already use tablets. 

"Our 4 year olds come to us already having used tablets so this provides us a digital or technological center that we can use in the classroom."

The table allows for multiple-touch recognition, giving the students the opportunity to work together and collaborate. 

With the technology evolving everyday, Pre-K Director Jan Duke says it's imperative to get students started early. 

"It's very important that we're providing them with the latest technology that we have available so they'll be ready for what comes along."

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