State School Superintendent visits Sumter County

State School Superintendent visits Sumter County
Richard Woods, State School Superintendent
Richard Woods, State School Superintendent

SUMTER CO., GA (WALB) - The State School Superintendent visited with parents and educators in Sumter County tonight.

State School Superintendent Richard Woods says changes need to be made to education statewide, and he wants to make sure he gets input from parents and educators right here in South Georgia.

"Our Children cannot afford to be out in the wilderness," said Richard Woods, State School Superintendent.

State School Superintendent Richard Woods listened to concerns from parents and educators this evening in Sumter County on the state of education and how students can reach the educational promise land.

"We're here to make sure that we support what is going on in their community, so that their children have every opportunity to succeed in life," said Woods.
Earlier in the day, Woods toured classrooms and met with staff. It was an opportunity that Sumter County Superintendent Donnie Smith was grateful for.

"I really am supportive of him and his work," said Donnie Smith, Sumter County Superintendent. "He's very child centered and that's what we're all about here in Sumter County."

"Reading is that important," said Woods. Woods says improvements are needed in reading.

"Right now that by the end of third grade our students need to be on grade level reading so that has to become a top priority because of the impact reading has," said Woods.

He also thinks the state requires too much testing.

"How we're using our testing to make sure that what we are doing allows our teachers to evaluate their children and move them forward and address learning needs that they should have," said Woods.

Woods has been in office for six months and says he's proud of the revisions he's made in High school math curriculum and helping to remove testing barriers like the High School Graduation Test.

"Now we've allowed 15,000 young people and adults to now have jobs to go to college, to go into the military," said Woods.

Woods says there is still progress to be made.

Woods will met with more parents and educators tomorrow in Marion, Macon and Bibb Counties this week.

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