Dougherty County implements technology in schools

Dougherty County implements technology in schools
Chief Information Officer Demetrius Love
Chief Information Officer Demetrius Love

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - As school starts in Dougherty County so does the 1-1 technology initiative. All students in Dougherty County schools, grades K-12, will receive a laptop or tablet for educational work.

Dougherty County is the first school system in Georgia to implement this program system-wide.

While starting the program in Kindergarten might seem early, Chief Information Officer Demetrius Love says it will maximize learning potential throughout the student's entire learning career.

"We all know technology is transforming education, it's transforming how we do business. To give our kids an opportunity at an early age to embrace that, to learn from it... we're really putting them at the forefront of anything they want to do," explains Love.

The program also gives teachers another education platform by turning the classroom into a lab. Teachers will be able to teach using apps, virtual videos, and through research in class or at home.

Love says integrating technology into the learning experience is now vital to the student's success.

"What it will allow us to do is to expand education beyond the classroom and allow students to really have the ability to utilize and leverage technology to learn," says Love.

Tablets and laptops will be distributed to the schools over the next few months. School's that participated in the pilot program last year will be the first to receive the technology.

The goal is to have all the tablets and laptops distributed by December.

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