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Bainbridge robber still on the loose

Shane Kolbuss Shane Kolbuss
Inv. Chris Jordan Inv. Chris Jordan

Bainbridge Public Safety Officers said two teens were caught on camera, stealing phones and cigarettes from victims behind a realty business.  Only one suspect is in custody.

"When we went through it, we were like, 'Oh my gosh, there it is right there.'" Homestar Financial Corporation Branch Manager Shane Kolbuss said he's still shocked his security system led to the arrest of a teenager suspected of robbing two people behind a realty business.

"There they are.  And we got the front and back of them.  The shapes, sizes, facial.  It was just amazing," said Kolbuss.

Bainbridge Public Safety Officers said the video shows 17-year-old Khalil Dixon walking behind the Dehildren Realty before luring two victims to the building. 

"He asked them if they smoked marijuana," said Bainbridge Public Safety Investigator Chris Jordan.  "They told him they did.  And he said, 'Well follow me behind this business.  I have some.'"

Victims told police as they came around the corner, a man was waiting for them with a large piece of concrete in his hands.
Officers said that suspect was wearing a ski mask and made the victims empty their pockets.

"They actually took a cell phone from each of the victims, as well as tobacco products, and a smoking pipe," Jordan said.

The victims gave investigators a clear description of one suspect, which officers said led to Dixon's arrest. "I mean, they didn't get a whole lot.  But it's not what you get, it's what you do," Jordan said.

Dixon is charged with armed robbery and battery.  Investigators are still searching for the second robber seen in the video.  If you have any information, call Bainbridge Public Safety. 

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