Cairo tweaking offense under new coach Devoursney

Cairo tweaking offense under new coach Devoursney

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - Steve Devoursney moved from defensive coordinator to head coach this off season for the Cairo Syrupmakers, but it's on the offensive side where fans will see the most changes.

Devoursney says he hopes to see the physical, blue collar mentality that has served Cairo well over so many years remain.

But the Syrupmakers will be moving a little more up tempo this season and it won't be so much of a power running game.

The system worked well for Devoursney in the past at Griffin, where he won a state title in 2013.

The Makers are working to get their grasp on the tweaked system.

"It's definitely different. We're having to switch and learn a completely new play style," says senior OL Koby Pyrz. "We're all off signals from the sideline and we're just trying to pick up the speed and tempo of this offense a little bit."

Devoursney says he's happy with how the players have bought in this off season. He says the system won't be completely different though.

"We're doing some different things. Just how we practice, things like that. Things we've done in the summer," Devoursney says. "We're not changing anything. Just adding and tweaking things here and there."

With three weeks until kickoff, Devoursney and the Makers are focusing on getting the little things perfect.

"Fundamentals, just how to block, low pad level, how to tackle, how to get 11 to the football. I think the little things that win championships," he says. "We're not there yet. That's why we're practicing. We don't have many practices in pads before the first game, but we've got to get a long way in a short time. But I think these kids will get it done."

The Makers take the field for the first time in 2015 when they travel to Thomasville on August 28.

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