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Farmers less stressed after weekend rain

Greg Register Greg Register

Rain fell again Monday on Greg Register's peanut crop.

He said his peanuts had been getting the rain they need to grow healthy and produce high yields, but even so the weekend rain showers were a welcome sight. They were even more of a welcome sight for his cotton though.

"I've got some that hadn't been planted but just a month or two and it needs all the rain it can get," Register explained.

He said he needed the rain to continue for a few more weeks.

"Right now," said Register, " if we could get it anywhere from an inch to two inches a week is perfect. If we could kind of scatter it out a little bit, half inch first of the week and [a] half inch later on is perfect."

Even just the couple of rain showers that fell over the weekend were a huge stress reliever though. "Even if you have irrigation, you don't have to spend the money to run it. You don't have to be up at all hours of the night checking on it," said Register.

He said as long as the rain showers keep up for the next few weeks and stop by the time the cotton starts to open up in September and the peanuts are ready to harvest, he should have a pretty good year.

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