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Valdosta School Board: We did nothing wrong; will change policy


The Valdosta Board of Education said in a news release today, that instead of not making public the names of candidates who apply for jobs, they will put those names on their agenda, so the public can know who has applied for jobs.

This comes after the state Attorney General's office  notified the board that it was in violation of the state's open recording act, by not stating the names when voting on hiring personnel.

The school board disputed this, but will change its process.

The board issued this release Monday-

The Valdosta Board of Education is of the opinion that it has been in compliance with the Open Meetings Act. However, we are mindful of the Attorney General’s opinion and made the decision to modify our procedure accordingly.

Our former method of voting on personnel decisions was based on the fact that the Board was aware of its decision when it voted and out of courtesy for those who applied, they were notified of their selection or non-selection prior to public release.  The release was usually given to the public by 10:00 a.m. the following morning. 

Based on recommendations from the Attorney General’s office, the Board will include in its agenda the positions it is seeking to fill at the meeting.  Thereafter, the Board will identify in advance of its vote the selectees and the positions to be filled in open session prior to its vote.

This procedure has been recognized by the Attorney General’s office as a procedure in compliance with the Open Meetings Act. 

Click HERE to see the letter   from the Attorney General's Office.

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