Fresh back to school braids for Albany girls

Fresh back to school braids for Albany girls

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany hairdresser is helping young girls get ready for school. Workers transformed the Greater 2nd Mount Olive Baptist Church Recreation Center.

Lea  Smith will be a third grader with fresh braids for the first day.

She says this will attract people her way.

"Because so I can make new friends," Lea  Smith said.

Lea was one of 16 other girls we saw getting their hair braided, and it was all for free.

"We are doing cornrows for back to school for free to get the little girls ready for back to school," Treciera Crawford said.

This was all thought of by Treciera Crawford, who spread the word on Facebook.

"The support is overwhelming I love it," Crawford said.

The hair, school supplies, and even the snacks were all donated.

"I've gotten donations from friends and everything, people have been giving me hair. They're still giving me items,"  Crawford said.

Crawford said she wanted to do something just for the girls in Albany.

"It makes them feel happy about themselves. As women if our hair don't look good we don't feel good. So I am seeing the smiles they loving it,"  Crawford said

Although it's busy, friends and family are having fun and say its been rewarding.

"I just received a text from one of the girls mom who came at 8 o'clock and she said her daughter love their hair. And that was like you know, you know

one of those moments that make you feel really grateful for what your doing," Crawford said.

And Smith can't wait to show off her new braid tonight.

"I am going to pull it out and then say hey," Smith said.

If you have a child who needs their hair braided, call Treciera Crawford today at (706)662-8831.