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Red Cross hands out free smoke alarms

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Red Cross volunteers hit the streets of east Albany to install free smoke alarms Thursday.

It's part of their fire prevention campaign that's making headlines around the country for saving one woman's life last year. Some homes in East Albany have new smoke alarms, thanks to the Southwest Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross.

When we caught up with this team of volunteers, they had installed seven alarms. "Its been pretty interesting," said Benny Hane, with the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity..  "For the most part people have been very welcoming because they understand the need and the importance of having protection from fires."

It's part of a national Red Cross campaign to reduce fire fatalities in neighborhoods where home fires are common.

The first life saved through that program anywhere in the country was right here in Albany. This South Albany home caught fire last fall two days after volunteers installed an alarm. That alarm woke up the sleeping resident. 

Today, the Red Cross honored the volunteers involved in that neighborhood canvass. A film crew from Atlanta is also documenting the campaign to share its success across the country.

"Its been such a great turnout here with the neighborhood. We showed just basically what the program does, who it impacts, how it helps," says photographer Kevin Hill.

And they remind folks to have an exit strategy in case a fire breaks out. "It's something that you don't think about. You may take it for granted but you want to make sure you  have a plan A, you have a plan B, you want to make sure you have a meeting place outside the home," says Nature Malone, Disaster Specialist for the Red Cross.

Volunteers installed about 100 smoke alarms.

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