Crooks target sound equipment at rural churches

Crooks target sound equipment at rural churches

SUMTER CO., GA (WALB) - Churches are on edge tonight after burglars strike again in the area. Crooks targeted two churches this week.

They boarded up the window in an effort to deter this crime, but the burglars created quite a mess inside before getting away with nothing but soft drinks.

Felder Daniel cut the wood to place over a nearby shattered window.

He carefully measured the perfect piece to cover the damage left behind by burglars.

"They knocked the screen out. Broke the window and they broke in the church," said Felder Daniel.

The thieves made the short walk to the sanctuary where they ransacked the speaker system, but that wasn't it.

"We had several cases of drinks under the bench here, and they went in the refrigerator and got all of the drinks that they had there," said Felder Daniel.

The burglars tracked mud through the kitchen and left blood on the counter and coke cans, but it wasn't the only damage they caused.

"I think they tried to pry the door open and they couldn't pry the door open," said Daniel.

Daniel is a lifelong member at the family church.. and only recalls this happening once in all those years.

"I don't know why they do it but maybe why they it is because they just want to get a dollar out of something they can get from the church," said Daniel.

These crimes don't only hurt the church; they hurt everyone that goes here as well, but Daniel is determined to keep the crooks away.

The crimes are similar to a slew of similar break-ins earlier this summer.

"We have not been able to prove anything as of yet, but we're definitely looking to see if there's any connection to these burglaries and the ones we've had several weeks back," said Chief Deputy Eric Bryant.

Daniel hopes this new deterrent keeps other greedy thieves away.

Springhill Baptist Church was the other church burglarized late Tuesday or Wednesday night.

Crooks kicked in the front doors before taking several pieces of sound equipment. Churches and law enforcement ask citizens to watch out for rural churches in their area, and report any suspicious activity to 911. 

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