Kids get kicks in at YMCA soccer camp

Kids get kicks in at YMCA soccer camp
With the start of the new school year just a few days away, south Georgia kids are trying to milk every last bit of fun out of the summer.

For several, that fun includes soccer camp.

Nearly 40 kids are getting their kicks in at the Albany Area YMCA's British Soccer Camp this week.
Coaches are introducing the game to the very young and helping fine tune the skills of the older campers.
It's a very good turnout for this area according to the coaches, who have a theory on why so many kids are finding interest in the sport.
“I think with the women doing so well in the World Cup at the moment, and getting all the media attention and stuff like that, maybe that's increased participation and put it out there a little bit,” says head coach Matt Morris. “I think the development of soccer maybe has to do with it.”
Morris says the kids have been attentive and well-behaved this week. But what’s most impressive has been the skills shown at the camp.
“They love to learn soccer. They've been awesome,” Morris says. “There's some really good kids in there, in the older group and the younger group. If they keep training and keep practicing, they could be very good.”
The camp runs through Friday at the YMCA Sports Park.

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