Pictures of Sylvester Police Officers helping woman in need go viral

Pictures of Sylvester Police Officers helping woman in need go viral
Patrolman Christopher Good, Sylvester Police
Patrolman Christopher Good, Sylvester Police
Sgt. Demetric King, Sylvester Police
Sgt. Demetric King, Sylvester Police

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - A couple of Sylvester Police officers took time out of their day to help a woman down on her luck and folks in the community are noticing.

These pictures are worth a thousand words, capturing acts of kindness displayed by these two Sylvester Police Officers who went above and beyond the call of duty

"I was like hey we got to help her out," said Patrolman Christopher Good, Sylvester Police.
"We just seen it in our heart to be able to her out," said Sgt. Demetric King, Sylvester Police.

On Saturday Patrolman Christopher Good and Sgt. Demetric King received a call about a woman holding a sign begging for help outside the Walmart in Sylvester.

"I went ahead and looked at her and said when was the last time you had something to eat? She looked back and I could tell she couldn't remember when she ate last," said Good.

That's when Good and King put their own money together to buy groceries for the woman.

"She was completely speechless ma'am," said Good.

"You never know who you may run into that actually needs help," said King. "Our job goes far and beyond policing."

Someone captured this picture of Good delivering the groceries to the woman. Pictures that have gone viral on social media and that was news to King.

"I think it's great," said King.

" When I first seen it, I was a little upset that somebody else was putting this as publicity, but other people sat there and was telling me actually that this is a good thing that you did," said Good.

While many officers around the country are getting a bad rap, there are many officers committed to making a difference in their communities.

"I'm pretty sure there are other police officers out there that's done better things than what I did the other day, but they'll never be known for it," said Good.

"Give us the opportunity to show them that we're not only here to arrest you but serve you as well," said King.

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