Mother locks child, keys in car

Mother locks child, keys in car

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It was a scary moment for one mom when her baby got locked inside her car at Doco Credit Union in Albany.

City Commissioner Roger Marietta pulled up at the same time Wednesday morning.

The worried woman asked him for help because her keys and cell phone were locked in the car with her child.

Marietta said a short time later, police arrived and used a baton to smash one of the windows of the SUV.

"He took another swing with his baton and it didn't open, still didn't bust the window, and the third time it finally cracked the glass enough to get in so it was more difficult to bust out a window than you think," says City Commissioner Roger Marietta.

He says the mom was grateful and he got to kiss the 10 month old baby.

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