High speed chase suspect charged with jail damage

High speed chase suspect charged with jail damage

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - A Lee County man, who led law enforcement on a terrifying high speed chase across three counties in March, may be continuing his crime spree in jail.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Officials say William Owens has caused them to shut down 8 to 10 jail cells because of damage that will cost thousands of dollars to repair.  Officials have filed 11 felony charges against him.

You might remember 22 year old William Owens.  March 24th police say he stole Jerry Peterman's truck at gunpoint, starting a 50 mile, three county high speed police chase at speeds of up to 130 miles an hour.
Owens drove down some of the busiest streets in Albany before Georgia State Patrol Troopers used a pit maneuver to stop him on North Slappey Boulevard.

But it didn't stop his criminal problems.

Dougherty County Jail Director Colonel John Ostrander said "He's got some disciplinary issues here in jail."
Officials say since May Owens has broken everything from sinks to mattresses, handcuffs, light fixtures, to cell doors, while threatening jailers lives.
Ostrander said "Porcelain toilets that are actually pulled out from the wall. Smashed. Then using large chunks of porcelain to break cell windows.  He's destroyed several pairs of handcuffs and leg irons."

Owens has told jailers he is mad that he has not been sent to prison already, and is hoping his destructive behavior will get him moved.
Ostrander said "He wants to leave the Dougherty County jail, and go on to prison, where there is a little more freedom.  More time out of cells, access to greater resources."

Owens is now facing 11 more felony counts of interference with government property, as well as armed robbery, hijacking, aggravated assault on a peace officer, and dozens of traffic violations from that high speed chase.

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