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Community renovates elderly lady's home

Mamie Turner Mamie Turner
Josh Paske Josh Paske

If it's been hot to you, consider an 85 year old woman whose home doesn't have air conditioning. Now the community is coming together to help.

It all started with a short walk to check on a neighbor. Friendship House of Jesus Administrative Director Josh Paske says they've been next door to Mamie Turner for nearly 15 years... but in a split second... she became more than just a neighbor.

"That day, more than any other, I just heard God within me telling me that this was his daughter and that he wanted me to help her out," said Paske.

Pictures of the old home show just how bad it was for Turner and her daughter. Rotting wood... chipping paint... even a bug infestation; one of the area's eyesores.

But not for long. Organizations and businesses started pitching in to help improve Turner's living conditions. Replacing rotted wood... even building a screened porch with a fan to keep her cool.

"They've been doing a wonderful job.  A beautiful job.  It looks like a brand new house," said Mamie Turner.

But even though the exterior may be close to completion. They still need help from the community to make the inside just as new. 

Paske says the current heating and cooling system in the house is in such bad shape that it's not even worth paying to have it fixed. "It's really hot in the house right now.  And winter is coming, so it will be very cold.  She's just in a situation to where she needs some help."

Turner says she never asked for their help, and that she's blessed to live in a community who comes together for those who need it most.

"Praise the Lord that I'm living in this world," said Turner.

If you would like to help with this renovation, call (229)243-1298 or email 

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