Georgia man caught in Florida after police chase

Georgia man caught in Florida after police chase

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Christopher Jenkins of Valdosta faces charges in Florida and Georgia, accused of beating a woman he knows and then getting into a high speed chase.

Around 11:00 Monday morning, Lowndes County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a home in Lake Park for a report of domestic violence. Deputies found a woman who had been beaten.

The sheriff's office says afterward, she went to another home to try to hide from Jenkins but he found her.

Deputies arrived to arrest Jenkins, but he took off down Highway 41 into Hamilton County, Florida, and eventually into Madison County, where he was finally stopped.

"We really don't know why he ran that direction. It's just kind of apparent to us he was trying to evade law enforcement and I guess he thought eventually if he kept going that the deputies would just end the pursuit, but that's not the case," said Lowndes County Sheriff's Lt. Stryde Jones.

Jenkins remains in the Madison County Jail.

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