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Thousands taken from woman's wallet

Gladys Neely Gladys Neely
Lt. Holmes Lt. Holmes

Caught on camera, a woman stealing thousands of dollars from a wallet left behind in a shopping cart.  Thomasville Police hope someone will recognize that woman.

It's something many shoppers do every day. Store their purses and wallets in their shopping carts as they rush through the market aisles. "The pocketbook is too big.  And you just want to run in and run out.  That's why I just carry the wallet," said Gladys Neely.

Many shoppers say that they're in such a rush when they go to pick up groceries.  It's easy to forget their wallets and leave them sitting in their carts.

Police say that's exactly what one woman did after she went shopping at Bob and Jeff's IGA over a week ago. "She left the store, realized it was missing a short time later. When she returned it was gone," said Police Lt. Maurice Holmes.

Luckily, surveillance video captured this woman entering the store right after the victim left, with the same shopping cart. Investigators say it didn't take long for the suspect to find the wallet.

"Then she decided she was going to search the contents of the wallet rather than turn it into the store management," said Holmes.

The video shows the suspect transferring the cash into her own pocket,  then investigators say she hid the wallet in the aisle.. bought her groceries.. and left.

"My God.  That's sad.  No way I would have kept that.  But they have her.  They'll get her.  They'll put her picture up," Neely said.

Police say the woman was wearing scrubs for a top and dark pants.  If you recognize the woman, call Thomasville Police at 227-3302.

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