Vision check-ups for back-to-school

Vision check-ups for back-to-school
Dr. Renee Gordon
Dr. Renee Gordon

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Dougherty, Lee and Worth County schools will be back in session next week. And as part of the back-to-school preps, optometrists are hoping parents will squeeze in those eye appointments as well.

"We are booked all next week," said Optometrist and owner of Lee County Optical Renee Gordon

She says a steady stream of parents and children have been trickling in.

"You want to ensure that you're maximizing their academic potential when they are 
in school," continued Dr. Gordon.

That is having the ability to read the board at least 15 feet from the back row or even the words right in front of you.

Dr. Gordon says if vision problems go undetected, it could lead to serious side effects such as poor physical performance due to lack of depth perception.

"Definitely get headaches for reading for extended periods of time," said Dr. Gordon. "If you're straining or working your focusing system hard."

Or worse, eye muscle imbalances, such as lazy eye causes vision suppression, which could possibly lead to blindness.

The American Optometric Association says over 50% of children who have learning disabilities stem from poor eye sight.

The AOA also states with the rise in easy access children have to technology, such as smart phones and tablets, they could also experience a temporary condition called computer vision syndrome.

It involves discomfort when a child stares at a screen for an extended period, hindering their ability to focus and absorb information.

A routine check is recommended, especially before a new school semester.

"Prescriptions change and kids change, and they grow. So, you want to make sure you get their eyes checked
every year."

A critical step to help lead your child on a clear path.

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