Patriots begin life after Thompson

Patriots begin life after Thompson
The Westover Patriots have won more games over the past three seasons than any other stretch of that length in school history.
But some will expect their run of success to fall off in 2015.
Octavia Jones and his team are not of that mindset, but they understand why that opinion can be formed.
No longer on the team is All-American defensive tackle Trenton Thompson. He is now in Athens, preparing for his first season in the SEC with the Georgia Bulldogs.
Jones admits replacing the production of the most decorated player in Westover history won’t be easy, but he is adamant the Patriots will be able to fill the void.

“Every year we've lost good players and every year, people have said, ‘Well what are you going to do when so and so leaves?’” he says. “Before Trenton, it was Chris Green. Now Trenton is gone, so it's going to be another person to step up and be the face of this program. We're just waiting to see who that will be. It's hard to replace the number one player in the nation, but hopefully we've got some guys that can come in and just do half of that.”

Helping Jones’ confidence is competing in what he calls a wide-open Region 1-AAAA race.
“I think we have just as many people returning as the other teams in the region, so everybody's lost players and everybody's got new faces that are going to be ready to step up and fill some shoes of previous guys,” he says. “I think we'll be in the thick of it with everybody else, and we'll see what happens.”
Jones says senior Emory McKenzie has “earned the right” to be Westover’s number one QB this fall. McKenzie threw for just short of 1000 yards in 2014.
Westover opens the season at home against Lee County on August 21.

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