No bond for female get-away driver suspect

No bond for female get-away driver suspect

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - No bond was allowed for the 17-year-old girl who deputies say drove the get away car after an aborted armed robbery in Sycamore two weeks ago.

Marleigh Agner was driving the car that 18-year-old Devin Burton jumped into, after he was shot in an attempt to rob the Marathon store near Sycamore off Interstate 75 on Friday, July 17.

A store patron, Don Rogers, who is a Vietnam veteran, fired his own pistol three times and hit Burton in the chest. Agner sped away from the store, but stopped and called 911 as Burton's life began to fade.

He was flown by helicopter to a Macon Hospital, and survived his wounds. He is expected to recover.

The clerk who was on duty, Hardeep Benipal, said that Rogers' actions saved his life.

Agner, who was not injured, was taken into custody when authorities arrived where she stopped the car, and she remains in the Turner County jail.

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