Young girl with cerebral palsy needs help

Young girl with cerebral palsy needs help

Canderia Miller's mom was diagnosed with Cancer while pregnant with her  WALB did a story on her mother 18 years ago when she refused to receive chemotherapy in order for Canderia to have arms.

She passed away just a few weeks later after giving birth to Canderia . And now Canderia needs your help.

"I just want her to hear the animals," Sharon McNeil said.

It's something Canderia Miller's Aunt Sharon McNeil says the 18 year old rarely has the opportunity to see.

Miller has cerebral palsy and needs a specially equipped van to get around.

"She goes to School  she's in high school but that's the only time she gets out. When it's time to go to school and I feel bad like the summer time. Like I really can't take her different places," Sharon McNeil said.

The van will cost about $40,000. The family has set up a go-fund-me page to help raise the funds.

"Canderia is full of personality like her mom and I am like I have to get her out of this house and just enjoy life," McNeil said.

Although Canderia hasn't lived in Albany for sometime. She still receives support through Facebook.

"A lot of people from Albany they are very supportive," McNeil said.

Canderia's family is thankful for the support and wants to send this message to their Albany supporters.

"We don't want anyone to forget about Lashell and my mom and Canderia, we're still  fighting," McNeil said.

To help Canderia click on this link

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