Martial Art instructor host class to Lee County officials

Martial Art instructor host class to Lee County officials

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - A Martial Arts studio in Lee County gave a free self-defense class for city and county employees. And they showed folks how to use some interesting items to defend themselves.

Martial Arts instructor Dennis Griffin says you can defend yourself with everyday items like your keys.

"Someone comes at me I can strike here, you can strike an arm to make them let go you can use it in the throat."

Or a credit card yes a credit card to defend yourself.

"It's really really painful to the ears, the eyes, the face."

Today Griffin is teaching a martial arts class to city and county employees, and their families.

"Martial Arts is something we've always done and we just feel that in this time in the world that we want to support Lee County and this is a good place to start."

The free class at Seo's Martial Arts taught people the basics to defend themselves.

"Of certain types of joint locks and take down and things that would add to what they do everybody needs more weapons in their arsenal so to speak to defend themselves."

Griffin believes now is the best time for everyone to learn how to protect themselves.

"Nothing in the world is safe anymore so it's nice to have a feeling of confidence that you can protect yourselves."

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