Albany residents calling for peace after a week of violence

Albany residents calling for peace after a week of violence
     Folks in Albany neighborhoods plagued by violent crime are calling for peace.

     The Albany Police Gang Unit started increased patrols in hot spots last night after a string of drive-by shootings.
     Three people were injured just this week.
Residents at Stadium Court Apartments are calling for the violence to stop and they want to see that stronger police presence around their neighborhood.

"We scared to walk the streets. We scared we gone get killed. You know what I'm saying, said Charles Williams, Resident.

Charles Williams has only been living in Stadium Court Apartments for a week and already has concerns about the violence that occurred across the street at McIntosh Homes earlier this week.

"We got old folks out here,
said Williams. You got kids out here. You got people need safety out here."

Bullet holes dot the porch in the 600 block of West Society Avenue where 16-year-old Darryl Mingo was shot in the thigh.

"That was the night before my birthday,
said Asiaona Williams, Resident. So what if I would've walked out here. I wouldn't of even seen my birthday the next morning."
Valencia Pickett says she doesn't even feel safe in her own home.

"I can't even stand out here or walk down the street with my child because you don't know when somebody is coming by shooting,
said Valencia Pickett.

Albany Police say they are stepping up patrols and residents hope that's true.

"It's good for the police to control the area because really the people need to control the area and they need to stop whatever is going on,
said Charles Williams.

Pickett is concerned that police aren't patrolling enough.

"They said they were going to patrol when the last boy got killed and he was laying right out there,
said Pickett. They still ain't doing their job because if they were patrolling more that wouldn't have happened."

Williams is calling for peace.

"People that think they bad or want to be bad but ain't nobody bad because when you die or go in that casket you ain't got long,
said Charles Williams.  

No arrests have been made in this week's shootings. If you have any information you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS.

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