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More guns in the workplace

B. J. Fletcher B. J. Fletcher
Trey Burgess Trey Burgess
Billy Davis Billy Davis

More business owners are allowing employees to tote their guns to work. In fact, we spoke with one business owner who encourages it.

Many agree, it's just one more way to protect their business in light of recent robberies.

Trey Burgess works at Open Roads Smokehouse, and got his conceal carry license after getting robbed at gunpoint while living in North Carolina.

Burgess grew up around guns and hunts often, and has a good collection. "Ultimately if someone comes in to rob your business to you want someone to be able to defend it or just kind of hope for the best."

His boss, City Commissioner B. J. Fletcher, says she supports her managers and workers carrying guns. "If you're legal, and you have a permit. I think that's your right," she said.

At Ace's liquors they keep guns around, but also say it's important to always be aware of your surroundings.  "We have some very loyal customers and a lot of them tote guns. So on a Friday or Saturday there might be a small arsenal in here."

And because police can't be everywhere, Fletcher says folks need to work together. "We sort of look out for each other, and after a certain time, after five when all my deliveries should be over with, we put a lock down on the back door."

They also use surveillance.

As for Burgess he says he prefers to work in places that are "gun friendly." "The biggest argument right now is everyone wants to take guns away but if someone is going to do something wrong with a gun they are going to do it regardless of whether your allowed to have it or not."

Fletcher says they also leave their registers open at night so criminals can see there is no cash inside.

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