Moultrie family to raise funds for teen needing transplant

Moultrie family to raise funds for teen needing transplant
Annalisa Illian
Annalisa Illian
Karen Illian, mother
Karen Illian, mother

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - A Moultrie family is working hard to help their 14 year old receive a kidney transplant. They hope they can raise enough funds for the operation however, they anticipate more challenges are still ahead.

The life of a teenager can be non-stop.

"This year I did some things at an art camp we have," said Annalisa Illian.

In addition to learning how to play guitar, joining her school chorus and designing her own video game.

But it's not just the art world that keeps the 14 year old busy.

The teen was diagnosed with urinary reflux, an enlarged heart as well as renal and congestive heart failure at the age of three and forced to be hospitalized.

"It was tough at the beginning," Illian said.

Her family spent hundreds of dollars on multiple medications, the tiny tot spent weeks recovering. They turned to faith.

"Through all of her sickness we've always known that we would learn things  through it, that God would make sure we did," said mother Karen Illian.

Since her health has improved but she still needs a kidney transplant.

That's where Children's Organ Transplant Association steps in, an organization that helps raise funds for children in need.  Annalisa's mother hopes by partnering up with the group it will lessen the burden on her daughter when she gets older.

"You get hit with a challenge and you realize your faith needs to grow some more," said Mrs. Illian.

"I feel like God has set this for me in order to help others who may have the same problems," Illian said. "Because I know how you feel"

The family works every day to knock down the obstacles and turn them to opportunities, to be an inspiration to keep pushing forward.

To donate funds to Annalisa, click here.

To become an organ donor, click here. 

For more information on how you can help the family contact, Angie Craig (229) 529-0963

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