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Chehaw lowers prices during cleanup

Chehaw storm damage Chehaw storm damage
Chehaw bridge damage Chehaw bridge damage
Morgan Burnette Morgan Burnette

Chehaw continues to clean up after last weeks storm damage.The big suspension bridge is still closed... and other repair work continues.Park officials say the biggest challenge is manpower and continuing to run the park.The roadways are cleared but some of the animal exhibits are still cut off from the public.

Chehaw has cut their prices in half until the clean up is complete and all the exhibits reopen.

Morgan Burnett says "We're kind of in limbo on the bridge right now we're waiting on insurance adjusters, engineers to come out and tell us what we're gonna do. We are working on at least getting a temporary way to access the animals that have been shut off." 

Chehaw will be cutting and selling the downed trees as firewood that can be used in their park or in your home.

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