Farm rains are hit and miss

Farm rains are hit and miss

NASHVILLE, GA (WALB) - While some South Georgia Counties got rain today, many of the counties near the Florida line are still very dry.

For the moment, Timothy McMillan says his peanuts look exactly as they should this time of year. But, the peanuts are beginning to fruit so he's hoping for a break in the recent pattern of few and far between rainfalls so that his yields will be high.

"Every day now that we don't receive rainfall, we're gonna start seeing yields go down," he said.

The heat also poses a problem. He says the temperature needs to be a constant 88 to 92 degrees in order to achieve maximum yields from the peanuts.

And, with the current price of peanuts high yields are extremely important. "Prices are terrible. So, our profit margin is gonna be very narrow. So, if we don't yield well or we have to spend too much on irrigation, then I don't know if we'll make a profit on peanuts or not."

 When it comes to cotton right now, this hot and dry weather is really taking the biggest toll on dry land cotton farmers. But, even cotton farmers with irrigated cotton, like this here, say they need some rain soon otherwise their crop will start to suffer.

"It quits putting out terminals, quits growing. This cotton would probably produce only a bale or less."

High yields are also extremely important for cotton this year because of the rough season farmers had last year.

McMillan admits the hot and dry weather is frustrating and worrisome for farmers... but he says if they get some rain soon... the crops should be just fine.

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