Terrell County cleans up trees, damage

Terrell County cleans up trees, damage

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - Strong storms have been wreaking havoc across southwest Georgia all summer.  Dozens of trees were knocked down and some homes were damaged in Terrell County.

You don't have to look very far to see damage; a portion of the county on Highway 82 was hit hard. A fence was completely knocked over by a tree Wednesday afternoon.

The cleanup is even harder with storms coming almost every day.

Tractors were serving a different purpose today as farmers picked up damage left behind by storms. Trees were uprooted and thrown down by the winds.

"It'll take us a couple days to clean it up," said farmer Donnie Childers.

The trees are headed to burn piles and new ones will be planted in their place. The damage is much worse than they thought.

"Our grove across the street had just a couple limbs laying down. Get over here, and had about a dozen trees laying down," said Childers.

The trees can produce as much as $500 worth of pecans every year. And it takes 10 or 15 years for the tree to grow this big. Every pecan laying on the ground is money and profits lost for these farmers.

That comes out to thousands of dollars this year and tens of thousands of dollars over the next decade.

"Part of being a farmer," said Childers.

Just up the road, the storm's path was just as evident.

It started with strong wind and hail around 4:30 Wednesday afternoon.

"So I went to the front door and all of a sudden a line of trees just fell over," said resident Tommy Roland.

Those trees completely knocked out his fence and just narrowly missed his home. The storms caused thousands of dollars in damage.

"But I was lucky. If you call this luck. I didn't get hurt," said Roland.

Roland's priority is fixing this fence so his dog can go back outside. He's hoping and praying another storm doesn't leave its footprint as well.

About a half mile from here, a large pine tree did significant damage to someone's roof. Luckily that house is empty. No injuries were reported in Wednesday's storm.

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