Drive-by shooting has citizens scared

Drive-by shooting has citizens scared
Lakia Magee says she is lucky
Lakia Magee says she is lucky

Neighbors voice concerns about gang violence after a 16-year-old Albany boy was wounded in a drive-by shooting. Witnesses say people driving two cars on West Society Avenue about 1:15 Wednesday morning fired shots out the windows. The gang unit is investigating.

Bullet holes dot the porch in the 600 block of West Society Avenue, where 16 year old Darryl Mingo was hit in the thigh about 1:15 this morning. Lakia Magee says she is lucky she wasn't there. "I sit on this very porch.  Every night. "  And he was shot… "Right next door."

Albany Police Gang Unit members call it a random shooting. Two older cars, one red and one white, rode past the building two times, firing shots in the air. The third time they passed, they shot into the porch.

Investigators say Mingo does not live in that block of McIntosh Homes, and was not targeted. "He had been invited over there, and believed the suspect may have, may have been an acquaintance to the homeowner.  The resident, that's the connection," APD Gang Unit Lt. Antonio Fletcher said.

But many of the people who live on that street say shootings in the night have recently  increased, and they are concerned. Most of them said they would not go on camera because they were afraid of gangs.

Investigators say despite the fear, some neighbors are helping them with information. "They are getting better.  We would like a little more, to be honest.  But they are getting better," Fletcher said.

Magee said Police stayed on the block last night to stop the shooting. "One was posted last night after it happened,"  Magee said.  "Yes, I was able to go to sleep."

Neighbors say they hope the shooting will not start back again tonight. Albany Police Gang Unit investigators are looking for information about those two older model cars, and the people shooting out of them.  Call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS, and you can stay anonymous.

Albany Housing Authority officials say more protection for that block is coming, thanks to a Department of Justice federal grant. The Housing Authority has been approved for a Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Grant for the McIntosh Homes region, and are waiting for instructions from the feds to start the improved law enforcement protection measures.

"Scientifically based, experience based programs that have shown to work in the past in other locations. To implement them here to get crime prevention underway," said Dan McCarthy, Albany Housing Authority Exec. Director.

The Housing Authority hopes to have that federal protection program underway by October.

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