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Love of cats helps locate missing girl

Kathy Page Kathy Page
Lisa Maisto Lisa Maisto

A four-year old girl is reunited with her parents after police say she wandered from home in the middle of the night. A neighbor found her about a half mile away, petting her cats.

Parents Dax and Lisa Maisto are holding their little girl Allison a little closer. "It's every mom's nightmare, that you wake up and your child is gone," said Lisa Maisto.

But for Lisa, the nightmare turned into a reality, Allison came into her parents' bedroom around midnight last night. "I had told her to go back to bed and she said, 'Okay.' And I didn't follow up immediately. I just went back to sleep," Maisto said.

But Allison put on her shoes, unlocked the back door, and went for a late night stroll.

Luckily Kathy Page who lives about half of a mile down the road was awake as well, watching TV before going to sleep.  "And I heard my door knob, like the sound of somebody turning my doorknob. And it scared me of course."

Page peered outside of her front window, and spotted the little girl playing with her cats in the yard. "One of the cats sleeps right here on the little bench. And she was just standing right here petting the cat."

Page eventually got Allison to come inside and quickly called police. Meanwhile, the Thomas County E-911 deployed a Reverse 911 call to alert neighbors in the area.  "And it was just in a few minutes the police rushed over here."

The feelings of fear and panic, now ended with the phone call that little Allison was safe and unharmed.  "Whew! It was the longest fifteen, twenty minutes of my life," Lisa Maisto said.

Allison's parents say they're adding higher locks to their doors now, and won't ever underestimate the curiosity of a four year old.

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