Albany Commissioners express concerns about Confederate Flag rally

Albany Commissioners express concerns about Confederate Flag rally

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some Albany City Commissioners  expressed concern over a rebel flag rally Saturday.

But police say the attendees did nothing wrong.

Confederate flag demonstrators had a permit to parade through Lee County but not Albany Saturday.

"Because it should of not occurred because I knew they did not have a permit," Tommie Postell said.

Some Albany City Commissioners got calls from residents upset by the group.

They said they don't need to be in our city with no rebel flags and all that," Tommie Postell said.

Commissioner Tommie Postell saw the group on Oglethorpe Avenue.

"The flag to me represents racism," Tommie Postell said.

One of the event organizers, John King,  said he reached out to Dougherty County Police and was told officers would not give them an escort, but the group could drive through as long as they obeyed traffic laws. 
They did not contact Albany Police.

"Because they broke into splinter groups you can't say it was a parade," Michael Persely said.

Albany Police Chief Michael Persely says that APD  patrolled areas they thought the rally would head, but the flag supporters went several directions.

"The majority of the groups mainly stayed along the main roads it was easier for us to monitor them," Michael Persely said.

Chief Persley says the group did nothing wrong. But Commissioner Postell has this message for them.

"Need to stay out of the area and don't parade in the City of Albany unless they get permission," Tommie Postell said.

Albany leaders say the flag supporters did apply for a parade permit from the city, but it was too late for it to be approved.

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