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APD offers church security and safety assessments

APD Corporal Brian Covington APD Corporal Brian Covington
Bishop Victor Powell Bishop Victor Powell

A little more than a month after nine people were shot down in a Charleston, South Carolina Church, Albany Police are offering churches security suggestions, in hopes it could prevent tragedy here. Ministers say it's needed. 

Albany Ministers say improving church security is necessary, after the deadly shooting at Emanuel AME Church last month.

Rhema Word Cathedral Minister Bishop Victor Powell said "I think let's not take it lightly, that these things couldn't be visited here in Albany."

Albany Police Crime Prevention Officers today are offering to go to houses of worship and conduct a security survey.
APD Corporal Brian Covington said, "Better ideas on how to better safeguard your church and your parishioners or congregation that's there during the worship house or meeting hours."

Ministers say today's climate of violence has made this type of police help necessary. Gethsemane Worship Center Minister Bishop Frederick Williams said "It's always a target for people to commit some kind of acts of crime or terror. So I think this is one of the best moves in a long time."

Albany Police Crime Prevention officers hope that all church officials will call and line up a security survey, to increase safety.
Covington said "We want to try to prevent that from happening if at all possible.  We just want people to be ready in the event that some type of catastrophic event happens."

And the security suggestions are not just about active shooters, but also tips on preventing burglaries or car break-ins.
The security surveys from Albany Police are free for any Albany Church. 

Just call 431-2100, for an appointment.

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