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Some neighborhoods get speed bumps

Roger Marietta Roger Marietta
Tommie Postell Tommie Postell

Albany city commissioners agree to put more speed bumps in a congested northwest Albany neighborhood, but hold off on two other requests.     

They'll expand the project to get drivers to slow down around Lake Loretta, but they tabled the other proposed projects because they're all in Ward 4.    

That didn't sit well with Ward IV Commissioner Roger Marietta. "And I don't think I should be punished for that and I don't think the residents of my ward should be punish because their city commissioner is on top of it and getting it to the table first," he said.

"And I have put some speed bumps on the agenda, but if I let him take all the money, it won't be any money," said District VI Commissioner Tommie Postell.

Marietta says the delay will give residents a chance to give their input on where speed bumps are needed.

Call 311 to voice your opinion, or 883-6955 or call code enforcement.

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