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Wilcox law men search for stolen gun cache


Over half a dozen weapons were stolen three weeks ago in Wilcox County, and they haven't turned up since.

Authorities were called to a burglary on July first, at 11233 Tippetville, Road in Pineview, near Five points in Wilcox County, where Hwy 257, Tippetville Road, and McGlamery Road all intersect. The area is also near the Dooly and Crisp County lines

Jason Harvey had left home for about an hour, during which someone coming from the direction of Five Points drove across his yard to the back of the home. The criminal broke in and stole his weapons:

A .270 caliber bolt action rifle with scope
A .243 caliber bolt action rifle with scope
An 870 Remington pump action 12 gauge shotgun
A BALKI over/under 12  gauge shotgun
A Remington, Youth, 20 gauge pump shotgun
A GAMO, Air Pellet rifle, dark green, with scope
A CVA, .50 Caliber, muzzle loader, with Optimum Scope
A 60 Inch Vizio Television.

They have no suspects at this time, but if anyone knows anything about these items or the burglary. please call Investigator T. S. Mauldin at the Wilcox County Sheriff's Office, at 229-467-2322.

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