City poised to approve truck traffic study

City poised to approve truck traffic study
John Gayle
John Gayle
Valdosta's Mayor and Council were considering Monday the idea of creating a bypass around the city for semis and other large commercial vehicles.
As of Monday, a vote was scheduled to be taken at Thursday's city council meeting to decide whether to approve a GDOT study to examine what would have to be done and how much it would cost to create a bypass.
Valdosta Mayor, John Gayle, said the bypass would keep drivers and pedestrians in downtown safer by allowing the city to force trucks to stay out of downtown except for local deliveries.
"Right now, we have no authority to do that," Mayor Gayle emphasized. "But, if we had a bypass then we could enforce no downtown trucks all together. So, unless we have that bypass, we're just at their mercy."

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Mayor Gayle said there was, as of Monday, around $103,000 in federal and state funds that were available for the proposed study, though Mayor Gayle added that the study would not require that much money.

He explained that, assuming both the city and the county agreed to the study, the city and county would only have to spend approximately $10,300 each to pay for the study.

If the county doesn't agree to go along with the study, Mayor Gayle explained, the city may take another vote to fund the study itself and go ahead with the study anyway.

"You have to have this study in order for the federal government to approve that money going towards the construction," said Mayor Gayle."

As of Monday, the county commission hadn't decided whether they would go along with the study.

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