Three rescued from filthy conditions

Three rescued from filthy conditions

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Americus Police were called to Phoebe Sumter Hospital late Saturday night to investigate a report of cruelty to a person over 65.

There was no cruelty, but what they found was shocking.

Charles Flint and Ola Bell Harris, who live in the same home on Park Row, had been brought to the hospital by ambulance, and Flint was swarming with ants, and had feces covering his arms, police reported.

Hospital staff said that he had developed a skin condition due to the feces being on his skin. His outer skin was missing in several places on his right shoulder. Flint could not speak, but could nod his head to yes or no questions.

Ola Bell Harris is suffering from Alzheimers, and is in no shape to care for Flint.

Harris' niece, Eula Sampson, also lives with Flint and Harris was brought in by EMS, also covered with ants.

Phoebe Sumter kept the three for observation, and is contacting adult services.

The two women were released from the hospital later, but were told not to return to their residence because it was uninhabitable.

Police contacted DFACS.

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