Hundreds rally to support Confederate flag

Hundreds rally to support Confederate flag

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Hundreds of people in Leesburg came together in support of the Confederate flag today.

About 400 people traveled through Lee County and Albany to show their support for the confederate flag.

"The young people of the South are beginning to learn what the Confederate Flag really represents and they are rejecting the idea that it's a racist flag," John King said.

The rally was organized in response to the Charleston church shooting in June.

Kaleb Akins says ever since the controversy in Charleston people are starting to view the confederate flag the wrong way.

"That's not right because they have the wrong reason for it because of one guy who did something, everybody gets mad at it.

Akins does not view  the flag as  a racist symbol, and thinks people just need need to get educated on the history of the flag.

"You can ask anybody out here and they ain't gonna say it's racist cause we all know what know what it really means we've done our research it's our history our ancestry and it's a way of life," Kaleb Akins said.

Albany's Sons of Confederate Veterans joined in the rally to inform other of what the flag means to them.

Camp Commander James King with the  Sons of Confederate Veterans joined the rally to help educate people

"The truth about the Confederacy and so forth has not been presented to the American people and  Americans need to become educated and stuff,"  John King said.

King recognizes the heated tensions that have occurred since the shooting in Charleston, but says everyone, including African Americans need to educate themselves.

"Well we're here to support both flags the confederate flag and the American flag and we asked the black people to educate themselves and come on board with us," John King said.

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