Georgia swimmers dive into GRPA state meet in Tifton

Georgia swimmers dive into GRPA state meet in Tifton
With this summer heat, no kid is going to fight taking a dip in the pool. They are even more motivated when there's a state title at stake.
Nearly 700 swimmers from all corners of Georgia have made it to Tifton for the GRPA State Swim Meet.
31 teams in Classes B and C are competing Friday and Saturday for state championships.
Tift County recreation director Craig Sowell says it's a lot of fun to watch these kids compete.

“They all cheer each other on. It is individual, but they are a part of that team as well. There's some people here whose older brothers and sisters may have set records that they are now trying to break,” Sowell says. “They really have a great deal of fun while they're doing it. They're able to excel. As much hard work and practice as they put in, they're just as dedicated as any of our other main athletic sports that we think of.”

Sowell says the swimmers really get into the competitive spirit, and love competing for the titles.
“The anticipation of capturing a state championship title is already there,” he says. “Winning is a lot of things, but everybody can't always win the event. Just making it here, they're all winners.”

Day two of the state championship meet gets started at around 9 a.m. Saturday at the Baldwin Drive Aquatic Center.

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