Kids prep for triathlon test at summer camp

Kids prep for triathlon test at summer camp
Fourteen year old Myles McCoy and nine year old Anna Prince are your average campers at this not-so-average summer camp.

The duo, along with several others, spent this week preparing for Saturday's YMCA Kidz Triathlon at triathlon camp.

"Although my legs may burn or my arms from swimming or any of that type of stuff, I have to keep myself motivated,” says McCoy.

"When I started off, I wasn't too good at the swimming,” admits Prince. “But by today, I was able to do the 150 meters we have to do in the race without stopping."

This week's camp is designed to make Saturday's race not such an arduous task.

“We're just trying to help the kids build not only physical strength, but mental strength, endurance, and show them that they're capable of more than what they actually thought they were capable of,” says Albany Area YMCA fit coach William Leviston

During the week, Leviston pushes the kids beyond what they'll go through at the race.
"On the day of the actual triathlon, the prescribed distances are easy, because they've already done twice as much work,” he says. “Once they get to the race, it's going to be a piece of cake."

Leviston says the camp not only improves the kids' physical ability, but also their mental strength, which is vital in something like a triathlon.

"When you have to tie all those events together and you know you have certain goals to achieve, it kind of adds a little bit of extra difficulty to it," Leviston says.

In a test like a triathlon, the opponent really is yourself. For athletes like Anna Prince, doing more than you believe you can is the real goal.

"It doesn't matter really if I place, as long as I finish. That would be enough for me,” she says.
“But it would be pretty cool to place," she then adds, laughing.
Kids can still register for the YMCA Superkidz Triathlon, but it is now the late registration period. It is now $25 to participate. The race is open to kids ages 4-14. Racers can register on Saturday beginning at 7:30 a.m. The event begins at 8:30 a.m.

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