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Hot temps make snakes more active, so watch out

Don Gandy Don Gandy

A South Georgia animal control expert was reminding people Thursday to watch out for snakes when working outside in this heat.

Wednesday, a man was bitten on his achilles by a rattlesnake while removing some trees and bushes near the senior care facility along U.S. 41 in Adel.

The crew was back at work again Thursday, though the man bitten by the rattlesnake was not.

Adel's animal control officer, Don Gandy, said when temperatures get this hot, snakes and other animals tend to move around more looking for cool places.

He said any time you have a snake that needs to be dealt with, the best thing to do is call in an expert. "Don't ever take a chance on what you think it might be," said Gandy. "Get back, call 911. If you have animal control in your area, get the animal control or some type of trained person to get out there and handle it for you."

As of Thursday evening, the snake had not been caught.

Gandy said the man who was bitten by the snake had been released from the hospital and was expected to be back at work Friday.

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