Dougherty jail program goes 'Beyond Scared Straight'

Dougherty jail program goes 'Beyond Scared Straight'
Sheriff Kevin Sproul
Sheriff Kevin Sproul

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Dougherty County Sheriff says he remains very concerned that gangs and criminals are recruiting kids. Next week's Beyond Scared Straight television show will again examine his youth interdiction program.

Sheriff Kevin Sproul says because his deputies believe so strongly in their Scared Straight program, which has a 60% success rate.

Next week's Beyond Scared Straight episode will be the third time the show has featured the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office program to save kids.

"Learning from gang professionals, in this arena.  And if we don't spend quality time with out children, these streets will get them. And we see this," said Dougherty Co. Sheriff Kevin Sproul.

Sproul has spent a good part of his career working with crime prevention and children, and his office believes strongly in saving kids from going down the wrong road. "We do tear them down, but we let them know we care about them.  And we build them back up and show them that they are quality human beings.  That they do have a future ahead of them."

The TV show has parents across the nation calling Sheriff Sproul,  asking him to take their kids behind his bars. "We've had families that have actually flown their kids in here to have a session with Lt. Hayes.  That's phenomenal when you think about it."

Sproul said his officers keep watch over their "graduates" and that has played a part in their 60% success rate.

This is the final season of Scared Straight, the TV show.  But Sheriff Sproul says his interdiction program will continue, because he believes strongly it saves lives.

You can see that show a week from tonight on the A&E Network at 9 PM.

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