Helping pets cope during bad weather

Helping pets cope during bad weather

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Our daily thunderstorms lately may be stressing out your pets.

Animals have a heightened sense of hearing.

They can even react to storms before they hit.

Thunder can cause them to pace, pant, or hide,  but there are ways to help calm them down.

"You don't want to confine them to an area thinking that's going to help because they're going to injure themselves. I've seen dogs go through plate glasses during storms. But you do want to comfort them," said Steve Whatley, Veterinarian.

Snug garments can help, and medication may be needed for severe cases.

Check with your veterinarian.

We also have some tips from that might help:

  • Bring your pet inside and keep doors and windows shut.
  • Create a more comforting environment during storms by identifying a safe place for the pet to hide.
  • Try turning on white noise or soothing music to mask storm sounds.
  • Distract pets by playing a game.
  • Garments that fit snugly around the torso are often used to calm anxious pets. While there are few studies supporting their effectiveness, many pet parents swear by them.
  • Various synthetic pheromone products on the market may help calm pets.
  • Talk to your family veterinarian about whether your pet would benefit from a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication.
  • Pets with severe storm phobia are best evaluated by an animal behaviorist who can work directly with the pet and owner to counter-condition and desensitize the pet.

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