Big blaze claims woman's car, home

Big blaze claims woman's car, home

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - A woman is starting over again after a fire destroyed her home and car.

The fire started in Kelly's car around midnight and quickly spread to her mobile home off of Hampton lane.

Everything is a total loss, but friends and family are stepping up to help them. 
A bucket of cold water and food are now in Nera Kelly's possession.

It's all she has after her home and car were lost in a major fire last night.

"I've been through the same thing in '92. So I know how it feels when you be burnt out of your home and have nothing and have to start over, and that's where friends and family kick in," said friend Lavonne McGee.

Kelly was able to escape by jumping out a back window. Smoke and fire quickly filled the mobile home.

"I'm glad that the kids weren't here at the moment, and you know, I can thank God that I was able enough to get out," said Nera Kelly.

The car is nothing but a frame and the home is not much better. She's pleading for anyone's help.

"I sure would appreciate anything that anyone can do for me--me and the kids," said Kelly.

Not even ten minutes later, help arrived in the form of this Red Cross volunteer.

The family now has a place to stay. They're not worried about anything past that.

"Stepping out on faith. The same God we trusted yesterday, we trusting Him today. He going to see us through," said her boyfriend Rodney Stanley.

Faith and friends are two things this couple couldn't live without. Kelly hopes this nightmare ends soon.

"I never been through nothing like this and I hope I don't have to go through it again," said Kelly.

Kelly's boyfriend asks for prayers as they go through this big loss.
Firefighters have not determined what caused the fire.

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