Red Cross needs volunteers

Red Cross needs volunteers
Sam Stephens has volunteered since the 80s
Sam Stephens has volunteered since the 80s

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A long time volunteer with the Red Cross in Colquitt County is moving away to be closer to family, and that leaves a big void the agency needs to fill. Sam Stephens has volunteered since the 80s, helping folks in their time of need, and says right now the Red Cross needs volunteers more than ever.

When something like a fire breaks out, it's volunteers like the Red Cross that come on the scene to help folks out.  Stephens has been one of those volunteers for more than 20 years.

"There's opportunities in all different directions, from doing office work to going out with the DAT team." And there's never a boring day. "There's not ever a typical day. There may be no calls, there maybe three calls. We have three calls on Sunday."

Including a fire in Doerun where a home was burned to the ground.  "When the pager goes off we call 911, the non-emergency number, and they will tell us what's going on and what the emergency is."

Stephens  says it's been a very rewarding experience helping those who sometimes lose everything. "Everything is gone, you don't have shoes, you don't have a change of clothes, sometimes folks come out in their night clothes."

In Moultrie they average five to six fires a month so volunteers can be critical. "It might be your next door neighbor, and if your right there, you can help."

Disaster Program Manager Cheryl Edwards says Stephens is like the "backbone" and will be missed. "We are trying to replace him, and add a few more people."

Right now they have three responders in Moultrie.  They held a meeting where they invited several civic groups out to help find more volunteers. If they need help they can call in volunteers from the surrounding areas.

If you want to volunteer, call 229-402-2283.

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